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Nutrition Products & Whey Protein Bars

Eat Healthy, Be Nutrition Wealthy

To stay lean and fit, it is quintessential to work out regularly. However, only exercising never helps one achieve the desired results. To stay in shape, it’s critical to monitor our daily food consumption. Our body requires carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in controlled proportion. Nutrient intake and supplements bring a massive difference to our health. 

It might become a daunting task to manage your health with work and time constraints. To get everything under one roof; Twinfitt is here as your one-stop solution to nutrient problems. 

Twinfitt is an established name for complete nourishment supplements for men, women and kids. Our excellent healthy products are a popular choice, especially for people who want a quick but healthy snack. Twinfitt aims to bring good health to you in a delicious and nutritious way. We deliver our nutritional supplements across all cities for our customers who wish to buy nutrition products in India and cater to their fitness needs.

Our speciality: Whey Protein Bar

Our lifestyle has made us linger on unhealthy snacks after long working hours or whenever we run late in the morning. We wish to seek meal replacement snacks to get back to daily work, hampering our health.

All we require is a time-saving meal that contains an essential range of nutrients that fulfils our fitness goals and keeps us at ease.

Twinfitt Whey protein bar serves as a great alternative to your busy lifestyle. The nutrient composition of the whey protein bar is more filling and helps people feel satiated. Increase strength, build muscle and shed some flab required to stay fit with our range of Whey protein bars.

With protein bars from Twinfit, you can consume essential nutrients in three flavours-

  1. Chocolate Protein Bar
  2. Blueberry Protein Bar
  3. Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Make us your nutrient partner and add a whey protein bar to get health benefits tucked your way.  Buy Whey protein bars in India from Twinfitt for your regular intake of essential nutrients.

Availbale now


  • No soya, No pea
  • whey protein (raw materials from USA)
  • 20 gram protein per bar
  • No added sugar

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